Distinity has over 10 years of experience with developing, coordinating & managing transportation functions and logistics. Ensuring that your guests’ transportation experience is top-notch is critical to the overall success of your event or function.

:Event Transportation

Let our people, move your people. Whether it’s 10,000 conference attendees or transporting 1,000 employees to a retreat, we cover all of the bases.

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:Executive/VIP Transportation

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Your executives deserve a high-touch transportation experience when traveling to conferences or events. Distinity provides white-glove service every step of the way.

:Planning & Logistics

If you are needing a jump start on a transportation project, and in need of advice or consulting to ensure overall success, Distinity provides 1:1 planning & logistics advice/consulting services.

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:On-Site Management & Support

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Large moves require on-site management & support staff. These individuals help with boarding, staging of equipment (cars, vans, buses) and dispatch them when they’re fully loaded. If the move is occurring at multiple locations, support staff communicate with each other to help keep things moving smoothly. They also track passenger counts.

Here is when you may need Distinity:

Unsure of where to start.

Transportation can be complicated. There are a lot of details involved, traffic logistics, permitting and other obstacles. We have a road map from start to finish.

Traffic & roads are unfamiliar.

The traffic patterns, rush hour, routing, and other components are critical in ensuring your events' success. We ensure vehicles take the most optimal route.

Unfamiliar with what's needed.

You have a budget. It's important to stay within the budgets constraints. You don't want to order too much, but you also don't want to order too little. We'll get it just right.

Distinity allows you to:

Focus on your event.

You have so much more to worry about with your event. Leave the transportation details to us.

Connect with your guests.

Instead of wondering if your transportation program is running on schedule, you'll have time to spend with guests.

Know what's effective & where.

We keep all types of metrics and report back to you post-event to know what was effective, where it was effective.